Common Grounds

by White Crane

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6 Track-EP mixed and mastered by Kalawa Studio © 2017
White Crane: Hilmar (voc), Dave (git), Florian (git), Lukas (bass), Herby (drums)


released January 14, 2017



all rights reserved


White Crane Münster, Germany

White Crane is an Indie Rock Band from Münster/Germany.
Firmly rooted in the 90s, their music sits somewhere in between 90s Emo and melodic Indie sounds.

Our second EP has been released in early 2017.

Please comment and contact the band for shows.
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Track Name: Fractures
To touch the cracks and fractures
gets so much more disturbing when
your fingertipps are used to smoothness
you had a taste of perfection
Your smell still lingers here
And the mirror in the hall
remembers your face and misses it
Like I do.

And I just can't wrap my head around the way you used to bring me down
And I just can't stand to be around when you fall and hit the ground

These eyes once focusing
those tiny cracks
as they're calling for attention
from every windows glass
Especially when it’s offering
a view that leaves you stumbling
and lets you freeze and stare
gaze and gasp
Track Name: If you want to come back
Take the mainstreet in front of our house If you want to come back
and follow it right out of town if you want to come back
Turn to the left when you get to the corner
Where we had this discussion about
Whether we should go on westwards or straight downtown

But that engines breaking down
and the creepy sound it made

You gotta drive all night through until dawn if you want to get back
You better watch out for that bent street sign If you want to come back
Slow down when you cross the old river
the bridge it might dangle and creak
You don’t have to be concearned it only tries to speak

and it whispers, and it whispers

That this engine's broken down
the creapy sound it made from day one
and its hunger for fuel
that almost left us broke
Don't you remember how the dust made us choke

it seems like there's no
maps back to love
and if there is
we can't read it right
Track Name: Serpentine
See, the sooner you fall asleep the faster tomorrow comes
And you won’t keep this change from coming to your door
Just by fearing on and on, and hoping to get along

So get used to the thought of a whole life’s sense in bearing witness of itself!
I'm misleading too, lets take a walk around the bend, on many ways to bear away.

And the faster you come to terms with motion the sooner you
will realize that you won’t make it out of here
Just by fearing on and on, and hoping to get along

Let's found another bright academy award
let's screw up every single thing that it stands for
let's draw a line between to fuck and to adore
or let's at least try to divide
Track Name: Homecoming
an old familiar drink / at the downtime dance
“by invitation only (please) use your verbs in past tense”
says a sign on the entrance of your home coming fair
hey nothing happened I'm still the one I used to be
back then, I swear

come on, come on, come on, come on cuddle along
to our favourite songs

this chocolate bar's taste
that tv-show's tune
on cardboardcollections our fondness for quotes
we can all agree on

come on, come on, come on, come on cuddle along
to our favourite songs
if you got nothing to hold on to, stop moving on, moving on, moving on

And if you doubt let me prove how I'm one of your kind
I can stand still for days and keep my breath the whole night

come on, come on, come on, come on cuddle along
to our favourite songs
find someone, get along, be assured we all went wrong
the shaking stops we're standing on
cozy comfort common ground
Track Name: Breaking the Frame
Fading / slowly I / still found time to tear them down
the boundaries / the parting lines / deviding your swingstates from mine
well I've never been keen on crossing (them)
no I've always been keen at all

So you say how you’ve grown on me
me and you
I must admit that I’ve somehow grown
On you too

closing / tired eyes / from the matches that we strike
for candles / burning bright / still the shadows will grow and grow
And I've never been keen on burning (down)
I'd rather choose to fade away

maybe that's why I got tired
of banging my head on the door frame
again and again
maybe the air's getting thinner
and my head is in such a daze
because I'm breaking the frame

Inch by inch, bit by bit,
if you silently listen
you can hear it split...